How to Download Apps, Games from TopStore

how to use

It is consists of three sections

  • Popular
  • Apps
  • Games

Popular Category

This is the home screen. Here, lists of recommendations, featured apps and games are shown to the users.

Apps Section

This is the main inventory, in order to navigate through this section, scroll down and tap on the icon named  ‘apps’. When you enter into this section you can see a very well categorized inventory which consists of three main categories.

  • Movie Apps: This is where you can find all entertainment-related apps which provide you with the opportunity to watch live TV or download your favorite movie etc. Moviebox, Cotomovies are few of them.
  • Tweaked apps: All your favorite apps which are tweaked versions are available here in the TopStore. Snapchat ++, Whatsapp++, Facebook++ are few examples.
  • Paid Apps: The place where you can find all apps with premium features for free. Now you don’t have to pay your monthly subscription as a premium subscriber. Download from here. Emulators and rare apps that are not available on other app stores are available in this section.

Games Section

Scroll down and tap on the icon named games to explore in the games section. Games section consists of two main categories,

  • Tweaked Games: All your favorite games tweaked versions are available in this section. Now you can have unlimited coins for free,  free skins and games with all levels unlocked as well.
  • Paid and Other Games: Now you don’t have to pay for your gaming app, it is available for you, for free.

Installing Apps

Navigate and locate the one you want to install on your device and tap on the GET icon. The minute you tap on the GET, you will get to see the complete description and permissions of the app you want to install. Tap on install, tap again if prompted.

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