how to fix it

Can’t install or update the Topstore app

If you face any error while downloading or updating the app, follow the below steps.

  1. If you’re using mobile data or interrupted Wi-Fi, try to connect to another network and make sure the connection is live.
  2. When firmly press the topstore app from the Home-screen, you might see an options window.
  3. From the window, Cancel Download and restart your phone.
  4. Visit our download page from the Safari browser and re-install Topstore again.

Fix “Profile Installation Failed’”

This happens because of communication server developer SSL certificate expired, corrupted, or mis-configured like situation. You can use the below guidelines to fix this issue with the Topstore app.

  1. Close your data connections.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Safari, then click “Clear History and Website Data”.
  3. Exit from the settings, connect the device to a Wi-Fi connection. Make sure your internet connection works normally.
  4. Open the Safari browser and download & install the app profile from the download page.

Fix for “Unable to Verify App”

If you get this error message, try these fixes.

  1. Delete the Topstore app.
  2. Check if your device meets the minimum system requirements.
  3. Download, then install it again from
  4. Navigate to Settings > General > Profile Management.
  5. Find the Topstore certificate, click on Trust/Verify.

Cannot see the “GET” button

You might run into an error like this if the installed certificate got revoked. In a situation like this, you must wait until the developers replace the old certificate with a new one.

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