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Nowadays tech world refuses to entertain the cliche of “premium features are not for free” statement.  And more and more tech companies try to build open-source platforms to enhance the experience of the users where they can enjoy premium features for free of cost, peticulary in mobile market. The other hand user’s urge to find ways to be successful in having an escalation of privileges for free, has led and inspired many developers around the world to distribute their apps with their premium features for free using third-party app stores.

Third-party app stores are a wish fulfillment to all the android and Apple users as it provides the opportunity to download the full version of apps with all the premium features for free. On these platforms, you can get hands-on a tweaked (Plus Plus/++) version of your favorite game, or the most popular social media app with all the features unlocked for free, emulators, and many apps that are not available on your standard app stores.

There are many third-party apps in the market, tweak box, app valley, tutu app etc, and  TopStore VIP is the latest in the market. Alternative for all the other third-party app stores in the market.

TopStore is a third-party app-store exclusively for iOS users. All the apple apps with all in-app premium features for free. No jailbreaking is needed to have these tweaked versions of your favorite apps on your iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod). Since Apple apps’ in-app purchases are quite expensive, Apple users are constantly on a quest for finding platforms where they can have the opportunity of experiencing unlimited premium app features for free.

TopStore VIP is newly launched and challenges the rest of the competitors in the third-party app market as TopStore is armed with incredibly amazing features.

What TopStore VIP Offers

TopStore distributes Apps (OTA) by using Apple Enterprise program which demands Apple enterprise developer certificate. TopStore uses the method that Apple uses to distribute apps among its employees. Basically, TopStore sideloads apps onto your device without making you jailbreak your device.

It is best to have an anti revoke app on your device before having to store on your device. Because it is a must, as apple always checks for issued enterprise certificates, and when finding them on hands of third party app stores, it immediately revokes the certificate, this causes many apps to stop working completely, apps which are under the revoked certificate.

Even though certificates don’t face any revokes, apps will eventually stop working when certificates pass their date of expiration. The best thing about TopStore team is, they are considerate and responsible and they make sure the users are given uninterrupted app access by renewing their certificate without delaying.

Most Impressive Features

  1. No jailbreaking is required: Unlike other third-party app stores, this doesn’t need a jailbreak to have third-party apps on your phone.
  2. Huge inventory is available for users where you can find all your favorite games and apps with their in-app premium features for free, new themes, emulators etc.
  3. Download and install for free: No subscription fees or hidden charges everything on this platform is for free.
  4. User-friendly interface,  smooth and sleek layout.
  5. TopStore’s compatibility with all iOS is one of the major reasons for its skyrocketing popularity.
  6. TopStore has a devoted team who is working day and night to enhance your experience. And now you can notify them about the apps that you wanna have, which are not currently available in the top store inventory, and within days time they will make sure to provide you with the opportunity of having it on your device.
  7. The easy installation process, and faster download speed.
  8. Very well categorized inventory.

Download TopStore VIP

To Download TopStore VIP, your device must be a iOS operated one(iPhone, iPad or a iPod), because at the moment it isn’t available for other OS. You can fond out about compatibility, permissions and system requirements for the app in the download page.

Download TopStore

How to Properly Uninstall TopStore VIP

how to uninstall

Method 01: This method is the easiest and the most straightforward way to do it

  1. Go to your iOS home.
  2. Find the icon of the TopStore VIP.
  3. Press and hold on the TopStore VIP icon until all the icons start wiggling.
  4. Tap the cross on the top-right corner of the TopStore VIP app.
  5. Tap Delete.

But this simple method will not work for some.

Method 02: Following steps will help, if method 01 is not working with your iDevice

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Follow these steps. ‘General’ > ‘Profiles & Device Management’
  3. Select the TopStore VIP profile and tap on it.
  4. Choose ‘Delete Profile’
  5. Tap on ‘Delete’ on the pop-up.

How to Download Apps, Games from TopStore

how to use

TopStore VIP consists of three sections

  • Popular
  • Apps
  • Games

Popular Category

This is the home screen of the app. Here, lists of recommendations, featured apps and games are shown to users.

Apps Section

This is the inventory of TopStore VIP, in order to navigate through this section, scroll down and tap on the icon named  ‘apps ‘. When you enter into this section you can see a very well categorized inventory which consists of three main categories.

  • Movie Apps: This is where you can find all the entertainment-related apps which provide you with the opportunity to watch live TV or download your favorite movie etc. Moviebox, Cotomovies etc kinda apps are available under this category.
  • Tweaked apps: All your favorite apps’ tweaked versions are available here. Snapchat ++, Whatsapp++, Facebook++ etc.
  • Paid Apps: This is where you can find all apps with premium features for free. Now you don’t have to pay your monthly subscription as a premium subscriber. Download your app from here. Emulators and apps that are not available on other third-party app stores are available in this section.

Games Section

Scroll down and tap on the icon named games to explore in the games section. Games section consists of two main categories,

  • Tweaked Games: All your favorite games tweaked versions are available in this section. Now you can have unlimited coins for free,  free skins and games with all levels unlocked as well.
  • Paid and Other Games: Now you don’t have to pay for your gaming app, it is available for you, for free.

Installing Apps from Top Store

Navigate and locate the app you want to install on your device and tap on the GET icon. The minute you tap on the GET, you get to see the complete description of the app, that you want to install on your device, (also known as app description page. ) Tap on install, tap again if prompted.

FAQ – Everything You Need to Know


Is TopStore VIP safe? Yes, it is safe and secure, there is no significant threat to your device.

Why do apps stop working often? This is due to revokes. TopStore uses enterprise certificates to sideload these apps to your device, Apple regularly checks for certificates and once they find their enterprise certificates are being misused. They immediately revoke certificates. When revoke happens, many apps may stop working as one or many apps can be under one certificate. Fix is use anti revoke apps that are available in the market or use VPN which gives you a secure and private connection.

Why some apps are not working on my device (none revoke situation)? This is because the app you want to download onto your device is not compatible with your device.  There are some apps which are only compatible with iOS 11 and above. If your phone’s iOS is below iOS 11 then those apps won’t function on your device.

Why You Should Consider TopStore

TopStore is the latest alternative for jailbreaking. And newly launched third party app store in the market which challenges all the renowned third-party app stores as it is armed with amazing features and easy to use abilities. And unlike other third party app stores, this is compatible with every iDevice and latest iOS.

TopStore’s well categorized humongous inventory is the main reason behind its skyrocketing popularity in the market.

Get your TopStore VIP today and install all your favorite apps and get a chance to be the premium subscriber of your favorite app for free.